Treatment Process

CONSULTATION: The first appointment is a consultation with one of our Radiation
Oncologists. This appointment will take up to an hour and goes over the patient’s history,
reviewing of reports and x-rays, and examination. Treatment options and potential side
effects will be discussed.

SIMULATION: Once the decision is made to proceed with radiation therapy, the patient will
be scheduled for a simulation. Simulations start with a CT scan. The images obtained from this
scan are used to define the patient’s anatomy and identify the tumor or area to be treated. Once
obtained, the images are used to create 3D reconstruction of the treatment site. This process
typically is done over two appointments.

TREATMENT PLANNING: The physician, dosimetrist, and physicist review the CT images and
a treatment plan is developed using highly sophisticated computer software. A variety of plans
are generated which allows the physician to determine the best radiation treatment for that
specific patient.

EXTERNAL BEAM RADIATION TREATMENTS: Each treatment usually takes less than
fifteen minutes. The radiation therapist positions the patient on the treatment table using laser
lights and reference marks. The therapist leaves the room while the treatment is being
administered. The patient is monitored closely using a video monitor and audio intercom.
Treatments are administered five days a week from one to nine weeks depending on the
patient and cancer type.

FOLLOW-UP CARE: After the course of treatments are completed, the patient returns for
follow-up visits as needed. Tests such as blood work, x-rays, or scans may be ordered at that